CiCi Phone Card: Users' Reviews

Excellent! - Amazing to use
Reviewer: Holly who calls Denmark,
I love using this card, I have been using it for 11 years now and there is nothing better in my eyes.

Excellent! - The best of the best
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Sweden, Iran, USA, Bosnia , Canada
never had problem with this card.

Good! - CiCi Card
Reviewer: Irenka F. who calls UK
Card delivers as promised. There really is customer service at the end of those 1-800 numbers. They answer calls (miracle!) and they solve issues, of which there have been few. Payment is easy and once your phone is registered, calling is also easy. Only issue is that sometimes calls get dropped, sometimes more than once during a call.

Excellent! - Good!
Reviewer: The gringo who calls Kenya, Uganda Sierra Leone
I like it sooo much!

Good! - It works!
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Dominican Republic and USA
Quality of call good. Sometimes connection is difficult.

Excellent! - Love CiCi phone cards - 11 years and counting!!
Reviewer: Jeanette in Sudbury who calls Sweden
I have used CiCi phone cards for 11 years now!! It fits my use perfectly, I call my family in Sweden weekly and with the great per minute rate and NO other (hidden) fees and lasting for 6 months - you cannot beat it!! Love it and will keep buying it!

Excellent! - GREAT JOB CICI!!!!
Reviewer: Helen B. who calls Candada and US
I love CiCi phone cards, as they are easy to use, convenient, and most of all the cheapest long distance plan. LOVE YOU GUYS HELEN

Good! - Like because of no hidden fees. Rate could be lower though.
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Mauritius

Excellent! - We recommend CiCi to all who are interested!
Reviewer: Barry who calls USA
We have been using the Ci Ci card for years..........I think there the best !! , recommend them to all who are interested.

Excellent! - Best value for money
Reviewer: M who calls Iran
I found better rate 7/c min from Lyca Calling Card, but CiCi offers better quality, so I stay with CiCi.

Excellent! - great!
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Russia
I have been using Cici cards for a long time, it works great! No hidden fees, very good quality. Recommended!

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Mexico
I keep coming back to this card. Sometimes take a chance and go with a different card... but clarity, connections and number of dropped calls always superior with Cici. You get what you pay for.

Excellent! - Great card and great price.
Reviewer: A who calls Mexico and the U.K.
Great card and great price. I've been using the card for years and saving money!

Excellent! - CiCi is the only card that gives the minutes that promised
Reviewer: Tony who calls Ecuador
It is the only card that I've found so far that will give the minutes that it actually promises to give. Do not change this as it would be a shame to loose credibility. The other cards are just a fraud and they should be banned by government regulations.

Excellent! - CiCi calling cards are REALLY the best!
Reviewer: Rena who calls Germany
I have used numerous calling cards, because I am not using a telephone company for my long distance calls. (It is 50% cheaper to use the card). After a long search, I found that the CICI card is the best because there are NO hidden fees and the rates are extremely reasonable. Thanks CICI!

Excellent! - Excellent quality of service.
Reviewer: Carlitos who calls Colombia
I have tried many ways to reach home so far this card with the quality of service is excellent!

Reviewer: K who calls Iran
I've been using calling card from SIFA calling card site, but recently tried CiCi and found it way better in terms of quality. And since CiCi delivers all advertized minutes, actual value is better.

Excellent! - Best Card call from Thunder Bay to Dhaka.
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Bangladesh
It is the best calling card I used so far. I regularly call from Thunder Bay to Dhaka. Avoid buying CiCi cards from stores because they give less minutes (74min for$5 card).

Excellent! - The clarity was excellent. I will continue to use.
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls China
I spoke with someone for 52 minutes, both of us on cell phones. The clarity was excellent. I will continue to use.

Excellent! - Great card
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Sweden
I have used CiCi phone cards for 6 years now, calling from Canada to Sweden. There are no hidden fees, and the per minute fee keeps getting lower - it is unbeatable and I have never had a bad line or any technical issues!

Reviewer: J who calls UK
A very good card, I got a full hour of long distance calling to the UK. No hidden fees, no additional connection charges. A very affordable, economical, and honest card coming from a very honest company!

Excellent! - CiCi is better than any other calling cards I used.
Reviewer: P who calls India
CiCi Calling card rate to India is 5c/min, which is not bad for calling card. Billing are exact, I always get all minutes. Connection is fast. Quality of calls is perfect, just like Iím calling locally in Canada.

Excellent! - One of the few card which connect to Ukraine Mobile
Reviewer: S who calls Ukraine-mobile
Price is not the best, but considering quality - very good value!

Excellent! - Great card...
Reviewer: T who calls Hungary, Monaco

Excellent! - The lowest rates available...
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls UAE, Egypt

Good! - Wish I read the fine print
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada, US, Britain
This is a terrific card. However, I made the mistake of not reading the fine print and bought a $50 card that I could not use up in six months!!! Damn, I wish that point was not hidden in the fine print.

Reviewer: Larry who calls Canada, USA
Best card I have tried.

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Middle east
Very good card. It was the first phone card in Canada that gives you the right credit after calling

Good! - Why do phone cards have expiry dates???
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada
CICI is ok, but make sure you use the card by the expiry.. or your just giving them your money!

Excellent! - Excellent
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls USA
This is an excellent card and lasts for a long time. Will buy again.

Excellent! - Best value for money
Reviewer: Mohamad who calls Dominican republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico and Afghanistan
So far best quality and best value for money. I used CiCi for calling Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico and Afghanistan. The price for Afghanistan was a little high, so now I switched to Ertebat calling card for calls to AWCC and Tamas calling card for calls to Roshan network.

Excellent! - Very Good!
Reviewer: Ma C. who calls China
The quality of the call is good, and the cost is low.

Excellent! - Excellent value
Reviewer: M who calls Eastern Europe
Great card. A bit expensive, but it connects in a busy time and quality is great. It is actually only card with great quality to Eastern Europe mobile.

Not bad!
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Suriname
First few months it was OK, connection quality is so-so. What I have been experiencing lately is that after entering the phone# I'd like to call, there's this 15-20 seconds delay (and then some static noise) before I get a fake ringing as if it's going through while in fact it doesn't.

Excellent! - Excellent low cost way of staying in touch
Reviewer: R.N. who calls United Kingdom
CiCi phone card represents an excellent low cost way of staying in touch with family and friends overseas. I particularly like the ability to order online which gives instant access. Have just ordered my second card ... will be ordering many more!

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Romania
CiCi doesn't steal time

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada to Alaska
I've used other phone cards and I find that CiCi is one of the best that I've used thus far. I did not know you had a $50 card I will look into that. Compared to all other card CiCi is the one that i've found in Canada that has plenty of minutes for me to call where I want. Thank you so much. I defiantly recommend it to everyone I talk to that hints about a phone card

Good! - Good card
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls China
very exactly payment

Excellent! - very good
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Belgium

Excellent! - Excellent connection, simple, cost-effective
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Colombia
I really like CiCi phone card because it has an Excellent connection, it's simple, cost-effective. The best I've ever used.

Excellent! - Good for Nigeria
Reviewer: Nigeria who calls Koran
Very good for calling Nigeria. I can talk as much as I want and leave unused portion for next time. For longer calls I would recommend Africa Call Calling Card. For 1 call I get about 1 hour.

Excellent! - Best Phone Card Ever
Reviewer: Tong who calls China
Very clear, fast connection, easy to redial and call a different number. The payment choices are good and reliable. Most of all, it is less expensive.

Excellent! - Fabulous!
Reviewer: Maggie C. who calls Canada, England & Ireland
I wish there was a card like yours to provide us with internet & television service. Thanks!

Bad! - Charges for unanswered calls.
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Morocco
The cost per minute is about 10 cents more than listed in the add for the card. I've never got to talk to anyone with the card but its used 2.30 cents in calls no one answered. This seems kind of high just to listen to it ring. I wouldn't buy the card again for this reason.
Support comment: customer called to mobile phone. Calls to most overseas mobile phones are more expensive (with all long distance providers and carriers). Rates to mobile phones are separately listed. Example: Philippines, Philippines-Mobile.

Waste of money - The communication is terrible.
Reviewer: Novelia who calls Venezuela
It was good, but now the communication is so bad that the another person can not understand what you said.
Support comments: routing problem has been resolved.

Excellent! - Great card
Reviewer: Darin who calls USA
We were in Canada and called the US. The card used no extra min to connect. Will buy again when going back to Canada.

Excellent! - Local
Reviewer: Guerilla Head who calls Canada
I'm very satisfied with this card. I was out of Ontario province, so all calling cards would just eat my money and minutes, it would usually cost me around 15$ every week. And now, already for the second week I am using this single 5$card and still have enough funds on it to call my fellas from Quebec, New Foundland and have nice conversations, not the hi-how-are-you-nice-have-to-go style. 5 stars for calls across the Canada

Reviewer: Y. who calls Egypt
just perfect and give me more time to speak to my boyfriend.

Not bad!
Reviewer: Devon M who calls Canada
I am usually satisfied with your product but I currently have 129 minutes left on a 300 minute card and it suddenly no longer works. I need to make a few phone calls and after I receive the message saying how many minutes I have for my destination, it will not dial through. I have dialed these numbers without using the card and they are fine. These cards are ideally priced but it does me no good when they suddenly stop working.

Reviewer: Steffi_baby who calls Canada
It was very cheap and I was very satisfied with the number of min I received from a $5, $10 and $20 card! I would recommend this card to anyone!!

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada
it is what it says it is! Lasts forever.

Excellent! - Great card has saved me a mint on Long Distant calls
Reviewer: John who calls Norway
This card should have a 100% rating even the customer service extended my card one week as I was phoning my Son in Norway and it had just expired what other card companies would do that especially when your child is expecting that important call at a set time each week. Thanks again to the CiCi card for coming through when I really needed that break. I now even use it for my home long distant dropping Bell as a provider..

Good! - Good card.. if you manage to get through
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Ukraine - Cell
Called to cell in Ukraine (UMC). Managed to get through after at least 5 attempts. The quality was average.

Excellent! - Great Calling Card
Reviewer: Ricki T who calls Germany
I love this card - no service charges - no hidden charges - what they advertise you get -it works great - I am very satisfied and recommend CiCi calling card to anybody calling Germany.

Reviewer: Charles who calls Austria / Europe
There is nothing to dislike, Quality has it's price, but even so in comparison with my Phone provider, "CiCi Calling Card" is a wild bargain period!!!